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Being a soloist and a composer, her Caribbean background gives a different vision to the classical Jazz.

Andayoma was formed with a unique name adaptation of her two daughters 'Andaye’ (Anda) and 'Iheoma' (yo-ma) Paris-born Andayoma, with South American heritage she commenced her Jazz vocal training with well known and respected musician Babes Conde. Following which she had classicaltraining with Stella Zhou, a lyric soprano singer.

In May 2010, Andayoma has released her first album“Palette of Colours” which is available on I-Tunes;,

Behind this elegant soulful singer, the start of her career was inspired by Ella Fitzgerald and Dianne Reeves took her back to her roots.

Andayoma’ sole musical message, inspired from these two artists, is that there are no limitations for the singer and her song. This is the message she lives by in everyday of her singing career.

Andayoma was born in Paris. She began her singing career by lending her powerful voice in a gospel choir, Difference in 1997,touring France and appearing with the Golden Gate Quartet in Saint-Remy Les-Chevreuses in 2000 in France.

Andayoma has inspired and touched many with her music and her voice.