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Gregory Niemczuk
Gregory Niemczuk has already enjoyed a successful career as a concert pianist, having performed internationally over the past 10 years. He has traveled the world and given more than 300 recitals and concerts in 20 different countries on 5 continents.

Oliver Obermoeller
Already as a young child Oliver developed a great passion for music. He learned playing several instruments and engaged in playing concerts.

Kathy Uyen
A trained actor from Los Angeles, Kathy’s leading role (opposite Dustin Nguyen) in Vietnam’s top 2010 box office hit “De Mai Tinh” established her as the international new fresh face and Vietnam’s hottest female talent.

Andayoma Classical Jazz
Being a soloist and a composer, her Caribbean background gives a different vision to the classical Jazz.

ERIN CHOI Soprano / Classical
With 12 years of musical training and background in international performances, her supreme voice will take your breath away!

Princesses of Violin Classical Pop
The band, Princesses of Violin was formed in August 2001. Consisting of three remarkably attractive and talented young ladies, Ms. Ildikó Molnár, Ms. Kriszta Pados and Ms. Kriszti Sándor, the violin trio performs in crossover style that amalgamates classical music with contemporary modern elements. All three young ladies have had long and serious classical music educational background (School of Music). In Hungary today it would definitely be difficult to find people being unfamiliar with these three violinists.

Finn Martin

It's All Making Perfect Sense to Stefano. His full-bodied rich voice flows naturally and smoothly to a variety of sounds. "Perfect Sense", was released all across Asia through VMP and through Canada. It received a video grant from Video Fact and aired on Much Music.

Finn Martin

X'HO electro / performence artist
A radio-deejay, pop-columnist, author, singer and artist, X'Ho (pronounced Chris Ho), "forever 27", is Singapore's genuine Pop Icon. He was named Most Outstanding Asia-Pacific Radio Personality by the Australasian Broadcasting Arts & Sciences (aka Paters) in 1987 and has won many critics' hearts and admiration as a solo performance artist of surreal frankness and bitter honesty. X'Ho is living art.

Will Xavier or Mr X is regarded as arguably the best interviewer in the country, having conducted on-screen chats with sports stars, visiting dignitaries including film directors, captains of industry and musical stars.

FERENC CAKO sand animator
A Hungarian sand painter who has won several critical awards in film and animation spanning from Cannes, Berlin, San Francisco, Krackow, and Shanghai as well as received Oscar Nomination for his Films. Ferenc's unique sand animation shows are very popular all over the world and he performs in theatres, TV-shows and at exclusive events. He has been invited several times to hold workshops about his special technique in Finland, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal. In 1999, Ferenc received the Outstanding Artist of the Hungarian People`s Republic.

Ulrich/Pantomime pantomime
Ulrich Gottlieb mediates time and explores the fascination of physical expression in a simple and minimalist manner. As an artist with a long experience in performing and teaching, he fills the space with spectacle and entertainment, pantomime, walkact, performance art and physical theatre, as well as body work such as tai chi chuan. This gives him a physical precision which creates a clear presence on stage that holds the audience in permanent fascination.
Frank Popp is a DJ, artist and graphic designer. His collection of 60s accessories became the origin of his musicl interest, Sixties-Soul, RareGroove or Freakbeats that he mixes with exotic sampladelica-sounds. As a recording artist, he released the two 12" singles 'The Catwalk EP' and 'Hip Teen Don't Wear Blue Jeans'. Frank's first album 'Ride On!' containing 'High Voltage', a superb combination of Funk and Big Beats, was featured in the Warner Bros' movie 'Swordfish'.

Yoni Vidal Vaz Latin Fusion
As a spaniard, Yoni Vidal has the perfect cultural and historical foundation that when coupled with his love for and personal experience of the "Far East" and all the ports between legitimise his right to attempt to capture the adventures of the Spice Road in music.

DOMINIQUE LeVACK fusion/ acid jazz / dj
Dominique LeVack, accomplished songwriter, composer, piano player and jazz singer has been working throughout London and Europe. In 2003, her track 'I Am Ready' from 'The Baby Buddah' album was featured in compilations in Spain as well as voted No1 for six weeks on DJ Magazine's website. Dominique is also known as DJ Aquarius in Spain, mixing live vocals with her sets.

CHICKS ON SPEED electro pop
Chicks On Speed are a multi disciplined art group who make music, have their own fashion line called 'Sellout', do graphic design for facades of buildings and magazines worldwide and run their own online shop. The group is a collaboration between Melissa Logan from New York, Kiki Moorse of Munich and Alex Murray-Leslie of Bowral, Australia. As Douglas Wolk of Spin magazine (USA) said: "Fuck dance, let's art!"

Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz is the first nu-electro group in Singapore and has always remained true to the vain of alternate electro-clash. This trio pursues their own unique path celebrating the joy and sleaze of funky robo-punk. Their debut album 'Follywood' features contributions from Chicks On Speed as well as German sensation MIA.

WINZ r&b
Born in California, Winzel Bert Jr first made impact in Singapore with his 7-piece band, Raw Energy. As a world traveller, Winz has performed in places like Europe, USA and Asia and has gained a large following with his smooth, sexy vocals and optimal blend of R&B/pop sensibility.

Latin American singer with deep passion towards music and life, Le' Garrett's songs centre on his take towards his-story. Enjoy the moment of the now. Enjoy the experience of what you are hearing. It is his passion that he shares and through it, the world. Le' is currently collaborating in New York on his soon to be released album.

Chris Robinson is the multi-talented musician who has been performing with various bands such as Right Combination, The Waykool Band, Attitude Band and Mixed Origin (as musical director). He has also been performing solo at Singapore's various jazz clubs mainly Harry's and Sommerset Bar. Currently, Chris is actively composing and arranging original materials as well as writing and performing jingles.

INTERPRETATIONZZ dance / stage show
InterpretationZZ is a music and dance show inspired by the golden age of Afro-American culture. InterpretationZZ has a strong contemporary, nu-jazz and nu-soul feel and feature heavily epitomizing the dynamic, rythmic and soul stirring spirit of the era. This dynamic performance will definately get your feet tapping and your hands clapping for more.