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What a shock it has been for Asia and the world on December 26th 2004, when we witness the impact and destruction of the Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.
Business Partners and Friends, special thanks to all of you who helped by contributing instantly to the survivors and their families. Special thanks also go to Christine Billmann, Thilo Ebbing and Juergen Homeister, who have been so wonderful in the assistance of spreading the words for the donation drive.

The survivors in Thailand, Indonesia and all the other hit countries are looking forward to you contributing further by visiting them again one day.

Andreas Dworkowski

Andrea Keinath

Andreas Steuter

Barbara Kroth

Beate Kierner

Bernhard Glöggler

Birgit Simon

BVHE-CPM Innendienst,
Bad Homburg

Carla Möller

Christine Billmann

Dieter Hehrmann, Fulda

Doris Keller

Doris Vigato

Frank Dieterichs and family

Gerd Werth and family

Hans Flossmann

Heidi Weikamp

Heike Karsten

Heinz Moeller

Dr. Helga Kirsch

Ines Zerfass

Iris Thermann

Karin Haas/Peer Emmrich

Katarina Stozek

Kristin Stein 

Margareta Billmann

Martin Mathejat

Michael Billmann

Peter Schmitt

Petra Janssen

Ralf Kortmann + BVHE-CPM VF-Team

Rudi Herrmann

Sandra + Juergen Homeister

Sarah Ma

Silvia Horn

Tanja Meyer

Thilo Ebbing

Tino van Elst

Torsten Köhler

Ulla Pöllinger 

Ulrich Schneekloth and family

Ulrike Abdelati

Volker Hepp

Zweite Grundbesitz KG

Projects undertaken with donation drive:

Longtail Boat repair Pak Triam, Kiraburi

Special thanks to Jeroen Deknatel!