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A Citizen Of The World Played His Last Song In Leipzig

Finn Martin, the world renowned saxophone player has died in an accident on Friday, 02. September 2011 at 22:50pm in Leipzig during his Vertigo performance.

The fateful fall happened at 22.50 after Finn played his first original music piece. The Swedish saxophonist played, illuminated by a spot light on the highest balcony of the building in 20 meters height when according to the media, a rope of his harness was not properly secured.

With Finn Martin died one of the most fascinating figures in the European and international show calendar. The thrill of his performance was for the 49-year-old never the focus. Even if he chose always impressive facade for his performances. The center of his performance was never the "spectacular aspect" , the musician said several times on his website, but the emotional content.

Since 1993, he traveled the world with his saxophone, performed on large and small festivals, drew thousands of audience when playing down the facades.

He was a messenger of Love and Music, building a bridge between cultures, religions and the soul of people.

He headlined his biography "The story of a seeker." Because of his dual native Sweden / Ireland, he felt in the world of many voices at home. "I think I'm an artist who is not easy to define," he wrote, "because my cultural background is so complex, so it is difficult to categorize my work". Finn Martin is well known for his musical contribution and collaboration with many famous artists, from Marla Glen to Chaka Khan, Aretha to Luc Besson and Buona Vista Social Club.

He choreographed and co-wrote and directed many successful musical shows such as Carpe Diem, Sonido, Vertigo, Soulfoot.
From his Vertigo Website it reads: "Finn not only was an extraordinary person, an outstanding musician, a fascinating artist,
a communicative genius and a great friend.
He was, is, and remains much much more…

… a source of inspiration,
… a mediator between cultures and generations,
… an idol for understanding and reconciliation,
… THE joker,
… an ambassador of love.

We can only agree on that.
He was planned to come to Singapore in December 2011.

Our sympathy and heartfelt condolences go out to the family. We are devastated about the loss as we not only worked together, but were personal friends.