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Born in Providence, RI, USA, Le' displayed early signs of where his future would lead him. As early as age, 2 Le' developed his gift of music and dance by performing with established local bands in the New England area. By the time Le' reached the age of 6, he would progress to composition of his own music. As Le' grew older his course of desitny was laid.

Child prodigy? Perhaps.

Industry veteran? Not at all.

Fate has lead Le' to the point where he is an accomplished musician, prolific song writer and entertaining performer. To captivate an audience through song and dance, which comes as natural as breathing is Le's forte'. Le' has performed for audiences throughout the world as a solo artist and 1/4 of a vocal group (5.0). Le' has held the attention of audiences throughout different parts of the world breathless.

At this point in his career Le' has is in "the zone" of his craft. With a catalog consisting of well over 500 songs (at the very least) Le' is one of the "hottest" and most sort after songwriter/producers on the east coast of the US, not to mention parts of the west coast. There is no doubt wherever Le' performs he bound to cause an attraction.

Le' considers his stlye of music radio friendly pop R&B with a hip hop influence. Though there is an underground "vibe" on certain songs that writes, his melodies are cathchy and can be non-threatening to the listeners as it is extemly important to Le' to develop a loyal following.

Ready? More than!

Willing? Of course!


: listen to the demos :

Goodbye Misery

Sugar Daddy
Can't Get Enough