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Ulrich Gottlieb mediates time and explores the fascination of physical expression in a simple and minimalist manner. As an artist with a long experience in performing and teaching, he fills the space with spectacle and entertainment, pantomime, walkact, performance art and physical theatre, as well as body work such as tai chi chuan. This gives him a physical precision which creates a clear presence on stage that holds the audience in permanent fascination.


Sometimes regular spoken theatre can leave you bewildered, not fully understanding what you see and hear. Take a break: watch a mime show and you will realise the power of silence...

"Walkin’ on the Street"
Public and a shadow! Silently, he follows the public. They become actors for a few seconds. In change of scenery by walking, strolling and the rushing public, the following shadow gives them a characteristic exaggeration... A dynamic Street Act!

The Crazy Waiter
A Viennese style - The zigarillo always in the corner mouth, he moves around, eager, willful and elegant. Etiquette? A napkin becomes a dangerous ladle. From one fauxpas into the next - somebody will never get it - a fussy person par excellence!

Human Statue
A statue on the street – an imposing figure, curious street-walkers, an interactive way of seeking the attention of thousands of passers-by everyday.

Ulrich Gottlieb as “Mr LOOP” stands tall among the crowd, they love the stillness exude by him and they flock to have their photos taken, with him. It is a very exciting interactive performance between the human statue and the audience.