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Princesses of Violin

The band, Princesses of Violin was formed in August 2001. Consisting of three remarkably attractive and talented young ladies, Ms. Ildikó Molnár, Ms. Kriszta Pados and Ms. Kriszti Sándor, the violin trio performs in crossover style that amalgamates classical music with contemporary modern elements. All three young ladies have had long and serious classical music educational background (School of Music). In Hungary today it would definitely be difficult to find people being unfamiliar with these three violinists.

Since its formation, Princesses of Violin have appeared in several TV shows and have hardly had any moment to breathe recently. But it was not in Hungary only where the trio became famous almost overnight.

Princess of Violin have already made their appearance abroad at a European festival where they garnered enthusiastic applause and almost brought down the house. As the result of this fantastic welcome, their four albums have already been released in several countries. One thing is for certain ± the ladies have become international stars in a short time. As the result of their huge success they performed in the Netherlands and appeared on the album released by the renowned artist, Danny Malando. Besides, they also performed with great success in Italy where they entertained the audience with a concert on the birthday of the Princess of Naples.

They have travelled to the United Arab Emirates several times and have already performed twice in Bahrain. In the framework of a huge festival event they travelled to the Americas and performed in seven cities. Since 2004 they have performed twice a year in Germany and have already been invited to China ± according to the plans they will perform there in 2010 in the framework of a 15-venue tour.

One can definitely state that their albums are top hits indeed. The perfect combination of adaptations of pieces of classical music (familiar to everyone) together with the new compositions fascinates and enchants the listeners of their albums as well as their audiences. In today's fast-paced and stressful world these almost one-hour-long musical materials will considerably relieve listeners and enable them to have a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and recharche thier batteries.

After the four widely popular and successful albums, their Best of... compilation was released last spring with three brand new pieces.

Their albums are as follows:
2001- A Hegedu Hercegnoi (Princesses of Violin)
2003- Hegeduvarazs (Magic of Violin)
2005- a tancok buvolebeten (Enchanted by Dance)
2006- Medditerrán (Mediterranean)
2008- Best of CD (Best of Compilation)