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"Fuck dance, let's art!" - Douglas Wolk (Spin magazine, USA)

ChicksOnSpeed are a multi disciplined art group who make music, have their own fashion line called "sellout", do graphic design for facades of buildings and magazines worldwide, run their own web shop and represent numerous artists on their own record label ChicksOnSpeed records. The group is a collaboration between Melissa Logan from New York , Kiki Moorse of Munich and Alex Murray-Leslie of Bowral , Australia .

The three met behind the Munich art academy in 1997 where they did an illegal bar (Seppi Bar) and began to work on the concept of ChicksOnSpeed, instead of attending classes. After numerous limited edition 7"«s on their own label, people started to take notice and all of a sudden the Chicks were on their way to changing the world through cutting and pasting.

Their second album release, “99 cents” on their own record label, was licensed to labels Emi/Virgin, they have amongst other things played for the Prince of Norway at an art opening in a park in Moss, Norway, supported the b52«s at their silver anniversary show in New York 2002 and created an album cover together with Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel for their release "Fashion Rules". Lets not forget that the Chicks also ran their own web shop, producing their own products and sel ling them to fans and admirers, including hand made leather stage outfits, paper dresses, one off t-shirts and still in developmental stages, "the Chixel" laptop bag which will be presented this year .

The Chicks also participated in a number of international exhibitions, including the window installation at Le Bon MarchZ, as part of the Paris Fashion Week, curated by Olivier Saillard and "My Messy Room" at Foundation Cartier in 2001, where the Chicks invited the public to bring their own clothing to be customized with a screen printed collage, COS had collected from press clippings. In 2002, COS participated in "Cache Cache Camouflage" at MusZe De Design Et D«Arts AppliquZs in Lausanne, Switzerland and joined the group "Fair Wear" for an installation titled "Fashion Rules!" at West Space, as part of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. COS also toured with Peaches, Wit, Tracy and the Plastics and Larry T in October 2002 as part of the Electroclash tour.

In 2003, COS collaborated with the amazing Jeremy Scott, for their video release of "Fashion Rules!", a self titled book release with Booth and Clibborn publishers from London , with planned book launches worldwide and a solo exhibition at Deitch projects in New York .

GO RECORDS: The first COS record label:
C.O.S. and DJ Hell "Warm Leatherette" (prod. Neuman/Ssder/C.O.S.)
C.O.S. and MSuse "Euro Trash Girl" (prod. Neuman + C.O.S.) C.O.S. and DMX KREW "Smash Metal" (prod. Potuznik)
Patrick Pulsinger and C.O.S. (Gaier/Reents) "Mind your own Business"
C.O.S.. featuring Christopher Just "Glamour Girl"
C.O.S. and Barabara Morgenstern "Kaltes Klares Wasser" Malaria Remixes

Chicks on Speed records releases with COS and other artists:
Chicks On Speed - The Un-Releases (limited edition, sold out) Chicks On Speed - Will Save Us All (lp/cd)
Chicks On Speed - Chix52 (12'', mini-cd) (ramon bauer /gerhard potuznik)
Sylvesterboy - Monsters Rule This World (lp/cd)
Chicks On Speed vs Kreidler (12'',mini cd)
LE TIGRE - Feminist Sweepstakes (lp/cd)
"plugs plus" dat politics (cd) 2002

Other releases in 2002 include:
"45 seconds" Simballrec , USA
"Colette compilation no 6"
"Colette compilation no 7"



Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All!