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If a diamond's value is measured by its quality then DJ Diamond is the most valuable new player in the Progressive House and Trance scene. There is no escaping her enthusiasm and love for the music. That combined with her “point on” mixing makes her a flawless jewel of a DJ. She projects excitement and positive vibes to the dance floor and every corner of the room. Watching DJ Diamond shine in the booth is an experience in itself.

The music and her mastery of it combined with her smile and immersion in the high octane level of her programming leaves the crowd feeling fueled up and ready to go on and on. It is impossible to just stand around when Diamond is behind the decks. The room becomes a living, breathing mass of movement and pure ecstasy.

DJ Diamond became fascinated with the energy of the dance music scene when she spent time in Manchester, England . There she became a regular partygoer at The Hacienda, a popular club that has been host to many of the dance industries top DJ's. That marked the turning point in Diamond's career. As she was learning to spin she remained a part of the massive party scene in the states by designing and selling her clothing line at some of the infamous raves of the 90's. Once she felt she had a solid foundation as a DJ she was off and running. As her love of music and dance needed to be expressed, DJ Diamond was born. Not even one year later Diamond was rockin' thousands of partygoers at rave massives such as Nocturnal Wonderland.

Originally born and raised in the Ko'olau Mountains and waves of Hawaii she was surrounded by the rhythm of the natural forces around her. Her father, who was a professional magician, played a huge role in Diamond's love of performance. Since she was exposed to the stage from a young age she fell in love with the response of a crowd. Becoming a DJ was the perfect combination of all of her loves. She left Hawaii to move to the mainland. San Diego became her home and gave her the opportunity to expand as an artist. On top of her DJing Diamond was active in theater and the performing arts for 12 years and holds a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine.

Media highlights include Diamond as a top 3 finalist on Spike TV's The Club, mixes heard on XM Satellite Radio and Cable Music Choice, as well as live sets on TV Telemundo and HBO. The April 2004 music edition of Playboy Magazine featured Diamond in a premiere celebrity pictorial. Diamond and DJ Miss Lisa recently completed shooting with Playboy Latina for their full feature celebrity pictorial out May 2005. Recently Diamond has "shot" with Maxim, Esquire, and FHM. The fresh release of Benchwarmer Trading Cards offers Diamond on 5 different trading cards.

Diamond has been lighting up parties all around the globe including China, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, South America, Singapore, as well as all over North America and Canada. Diamond's production of "God is a DJ" under her own label Bella Music is out in record stores now!

With high energy sets of funky house to mind bending trance. Diamond unites the crowd and sets the standard how a DJ makes a great party. Her infectious spirit is undeniable to all and she shines with a brilliance which other diamonds just can't touch!